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some Info about On The road

So i originally found this article

Thanks to our friend Gerald Nicosia, Jack Kerouac's best biographer (Memory Babe) as far are we are concerned, Marie Timperley and I had the pleasure of meeting and discussing for about twenty minutes with Kristen Stewart in Montréal. She was intersted in hearing a little more on Jack's French Canadian and Breton origins. As we had agreed to a privacy agreement, we could not inform our members earlier.

so i contacted the person that posted it asking if he would post the interview with kristen.

This is from J.A. Michel Bornais who runs the Kirouac Family Association.

Bonjour Emma,

It was not intended as an interview. This was more of an exchange of information pertaining to filming of the documentary "In Search of the Road" to be produced in parallel with On The Road.

As Kristen Stewart showed interest, she joinded the discussion and asked questions about Jack's French Canadian and Breton origins. Then Jan came into the picture, which was new to her.

On the Road is part reality, part fiction and has very little to do with Jack's own biography and his family, but the documentary should be more specific.

J.A. Michel Bornais (Son of late Leona Kirouac)

he also give me some information about  Jack Kerouac  and the Kirouac Family Association of which he disscused with kristen
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