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"Dakota is astounding. She's like one of the most incredible people I've ever met." - Kristen

"Kristen is one of my best friends in life now. We talk about everything," - Dakota Fanning  

"Dakota is one of the most consistently moving actors I have ever worked with. I'm always better with her." - Kristen

"It's amazing, She's become one of my best friends. We're really close. I think it's really great working with your friends, and to be completely open with someone and to have no defense mechanism, you know what I mean? Just completely open with that person. I love that — especially for this film." - Dakota Fanning

"Because we've become such good friends we couldn't look at each other and lie. Every time I caught her eye it was like undeniable truth. And so you're also in a position where you trust this person and you don't have to fake anything. That's what I think feels the best and looks the best. It's rare when it happens."
"I love you man." - Kristen

“I just think she’s really funny. - Kristen on Dakota.


“She just loves me basically.- Dakota on Kristen


"Kristen stays true to exactly who she is, but I do think sometimes she is misjudged, definitely, by some people as not caring or not wanting to do this, when in fact it's just the opposite. - Dakota

What’s it like kissing Kristen Stewart? - “It’s pretty great and pretty wonderful.”

What’s it like kissing Dakota Fanning? - “I really liked it.”

"Dakota is an astounding human being, incredibly intimidating and one of the smartest people I've ever met."

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